String curtain, fiber curtain is chosen by designers and investors to put into works such as restaurants, resorts, hotel lobbies, spas, or high-class apartment dining rooms to showrooms of wedding dresses, fashion shops.

Rèm dây, rèm sợi trang trí shop thời trang, shop quần áo

String curtains, curtain decorated with fashion shop, clothing shop

String curtain has the preeminent features that are gentle, simple but poetic, with many colors from light to dark. String curtain is woven between colorful lights to create a dreamy, dreamlike space.

Rèm dây, rèm sợi trang trí nhà hàng, sảnh ăn khách sạn cao cấp

String curtain, curtain decorated with restaurant, high-class hotel lobby

- Wire curtain, curtain yarn is available in many colors: Gold, silver, white, black, red, green, pink, blue, pastel, champage, purple, coffee ...

Rèm dây, rèm sợi trang trí sân khấu âm nhạc

String blinds, fiber curtain decorate the music stage

Rèm dây trang trí cửa sổ phòng ngủ trẻ em

String curtain decorated children's bedroom window

Rèm dây kim sa trang trí cửa sổ phòng khách

Metal-curtain blinds decorate the living room window

Do not hesitate any longer without giving your House the most beautiful curtain that makes everyone admire your exquisite choice.

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