The plain fabric curtain was born the earliest and until now it is still widely used by the advantages that no one can replace.

Rèm vải trơn một màu trang trí nội thất phòng khách

Single-color plain curtains decorate the living room

The smooth fabric curtain not only blocks the light, creates a private space, but also gives each house a unique character and different emotions according to the design and design of the home owner.

Rèm vải trơn một màu trang trí nội thất phòng ngủ

Single-color plain curtain decorating the bedroom interior

In addition to the light curtain that regulates the light of the room, the smooth curtain also keeps the room when the winter comes warmer, limiting the summer heat, dust and outside noise. Not only that, with the appropriate style and color, plain fabric curtains can create a private space or add a bit of luxurious or romantic beauty to the room.

Mẫu vải rèm vải trơn tại rèm vải Linh Chi Đà Nẵng

Sample of plain fabric curtain at Linh Chi Da Nang curtain

The plain fabric curtain can be sewn 1 layer or 2 layers designed with two different layers of fabric, usually the inner chiffon fabric for decoration and a thicker outer layer of cloth used to shade, insulate, reduce dust, noise. The inner layer of curtains is usually designed with fabrics such as dad, brocade, velvet, line ... with dark or plain patterns. The thin chiffon on the outside is both soft and flexible so that the curtain looks delicate and luxurious.

Do not hesitate any longer without giving your House the most beautiful curtain that makes everyone admire your exquisite choice.

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