Sheer curtain is a type of curtain which is used mainly to decorate, to add beauty and elegance to the space.

Rèm vải voan trang trí cửa sổ phòng khách biệt thự sang trọng

Sheer curtains decorate the luxurious window of a living room

Sheer fabric has many different designs, patterns and colors to help create more diversity for users. In terms of design, there are 2 basic forms, white fee accompanied by thick or thin grid cells. Thick grating screens are often used for windows that need privacy protection. Conversely, if the user's window wants to be well ventilated, receive a gentle sunlight when the weather is nice, the sparse grid will be a great option in adjusting this natural light.

Rèm vải voan đón ánh nắng nhẹ dịu

Sheer fabric welcomes soft sunlight

Or decorate the spaces that need the beauty of romance, creating a soothing and relaxing feeling like spa blinds, nail salons, massage areas. Used as a curtain for walls, decoration in doors, decorative partitions

Mẫu rèm vải voan trang trí cửa sổ tinh tế

Sample of delicate sheer curtains decorating windows

In addition to decorating the curtain fabric sheer is also an effective solution that allows you to get natural light. For light sunny days, you can use a chiffon layer to get natural light and wind from the outside while still ensuring the ability to shield and block light to limit visibility from the outside.

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