Roman curtain with 2 layers made from fabric material creates an elegant and noble style. Roman curtain 2 layers suitable for rooms with modern, small space to save space, bars, restaurants, apartments, spas ...

Rèm roman 2 lớp trang trí cửa sổ phòng khách

2-layer roman blinds decorate the living room window

Roman curtain with 2 layers allows you to pull up in layers or close the window according to light needs. 2-layer roman blinds are suitable for small and medium-sized doorways because it helps to expand the space, making the space more open.

Mẫu rèm roman 2 lớp tại rèm Linh Chi Đà Nẵng

Sample 2-layer roman blinds at Linh Chi curtain in Da Nang

Of course, with modern spaces, big or small, roman blinds never go out of style. In addition to the comfort, roman curtains also have many other outstanding advantages to add a modern, romantic to your room. Just beautiful for the house, just has the ability to prevent sun, heat resistance so this type of curtain is very popular.

Do not hesitate any longer without giving your House the most beautiful curtain that makes everyone admire your exquisite choice.

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