Medical blinds, or hospital curtains, are made of a special fabric that differs from regular antibacterial curtains, which are used in hospitals, clinics, and care centers. health

Rèm y tế - Rèm bệnh viện

Medical blinds - Hospital blinds

Medical blinds are curtain products designed with the purpose of not being used to shield the sun but to divide the beds together to create a separate space for examination and treatment for patients. Regarding curtain material, it is not necessary to use materials that are too thick to block the sunlight but need good antibacterial.

Rèm y tế kháng khuẩn cho bệnh viện

Antibacterial medical curtain for hospital

1. Some characteristics of medical blinds

When choosing medical blinds, attention should be paid to a number of the following characteristics:
- Curtains need to bring patients the absolute sense of security and comfort at any time of examination or treatment without any inconvenience or apprehension.
- Meet the standards of antibacterial, prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, minimize mold and dust.
- Suitable for regular washing without shortening the life of the fabric, frayed or torn.
- Ability to absorb light well, cool, ensure an open space between the hospital curtain and the ceiling.
- Curtains must be fixed, firm to create convenience in use.

2. How to choose medical blinds?

Like other types of blinds on the market, hospital curtains vary from type, style, design, color. Each type has its own advantages but is preferred by hospitals over cloth curtains.

For modern rooms, high-class fabric curtains with elegant colors are the optimal choice. High quality curtain fabric material has been treated toxic, antibacterial completely.

Thanks to the combination of hybrid materials - a material based on organic and inorganic compounds such as zinc nanoparticles and chitosan, the hospital curtain has the ability to kill bacteria and hinder the growth of bacteria. new.

Choose cloth curtains with white, cream yellow or neutral colors. Do not choose the type of curtain with motifs, colorful patterns because they will create feelings

Most medical blinds are often used in patient rooms to cover doors or prevent beds, but in large and modern hospitals, curtains are also placed in lobbies or waiting room spaces. create feelings and create psychology for the patient to rest assured.

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